Friday, October 26, 2012

Getting Off My Ass

I've been thinking of doing this for a long time, writing a blog, and considering how I have been feeling about myself and what the hell I am doing with my life as of late, I think it is time to push my fat ass across the line that lies between thinking and actually doing.  A blog is just one of many of those things I have been thinking about doing for years but have not made the commitment to put into action until now.  Really, what is it that makes me such a thinker but not much of a doer?

I am one of those people who thinks for ungodly amounts of hours about things I would love to do, learn, discuss with others, places I want to go, achievements I wish I could reach, blah, blah, blah.  But I rarely go any farther than just dreaming about them and mulling them over in my mind.  Why? Am I afraid of failing?  Not really, I am one who understands that failure is a part of life and the process of mastery.  Am I afraid of change?  I don't think so, I constantly complain about how unhappy I am with my current place in life.  Do I just not have the time?  Hell no!  I have way too much time on my hands to just sit around and think, so why not to do... OK, I lied, I am afraid of failing, but not at everything, just at those things I love.  I love to write and I can't bear the thought of being told I am no good at it.  I never claimed to be any good, (just look at all the screw ups in this blog alone) I know I have a lot to learn and that is precisely why I decided to start a blog, to practice and perfect my writing skills.

So what will this blog be, other than a tool for writing practice?  What will I blog about?  I plan to blog about everything;  I foresee a lot of reviews of movies, shows, music, restaurants; talk about politics and religion, and throw in some bitching about life in general.  Oh, and some fictional writings, maybe even a short story now and then. I'm not sure how often I will post, being a newb I have no idea how often the fancy will strike me.  I could force myself to write on a regular basis but if you saw me in person you'd understand that I don't have an overabundance of will power or self discipline.  One thing I can promise is that even though this is my blog and my opinion, I will make a strong effort to not be narcissistic, self centered, or one sided in my writings...this post aside, of course. 

So, why did I chose to title my blog Cinnamon?  I love cinnamon and over the years it has become the spice of my life.  This spice has so many good properties, just a few are: lowering bad cholesterol, blood sugar and fat metabolism, improving cognition and memory, and it can help to eliminate headaches and migraines.  Facts aside, cinnamon smells wonderful and tastes like heaven and is a wonderful spice to enhance and improve so many otherwise hum-drum dishes.  I recently started using cinnamon with many pork dishes I cook.  I never cared much for pork but when you add cinnamon, OMG, flavor to die for.  All I'm trying to say here is that cinnamon is a spice, cinnamon is everywhere and used in many different ways; cinnamon is variety and this is what I hope my blog to achieve.  So sit back, read, and hopefully enjoy this journey with me.


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  1. I'm happy to see you getting out there! It's a terrifying thing, and it's hard to know where to start. There are so many options and so many other writers out there that it can be pretty overwhelming.

    So keep it up, and hang in there. If you do, you *will* succeed at becoming a writer!