Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Stephen Colbert is evil? But I love him!

So, I had this weird dream last night:

I was excited to watch a Rodney Dangerfield tribute special where other actors and personalities were going to roast him in between a marathon of his movies.  Stephen Colbert was one of the people roasting Mr. Dangerfield, and he was hilarious.  Colbert made funny quips about Dangerfield's life and acting and even did spot-on impersonations of him.  Then something weird happened (this is a dream, of course something weird happens), Colbert got a phone call on live T.V. from his producer telling him he had to tone it down because he was outshining everyone else.  Colbert used his comedic talent to proceed with having the most hilarious argument with his producer.  The producer just went along with it and proved to be just as funny as Colbert.

This is where things got real strange.  Colbert and his producer's argument devolved from an argument about talent and skill to an argument about who was the better comedian.  "Well, I was an evil Goonie, too!"  The producer yelled over the phone. (I know, it makes no sense, but this is a dream, remember?).

The room turned dark as Colbert let out an evil, cynical laugh and stood up.  His eyes illuminated even though they were black.  Wind blew around the studio as Colbert's laugh boomed with a likeness to thunder.

Lightening struck not three feet from Colbert; four strikes.  Four teen-aged kids appeared before the man, all wearing similar uniforms; black, green, and brown military style outfits.  No weapons could be seen.  They wore no hats or helmets. 

"You will not be allowed to ruin American lives anymore, evildoer!"  One of the kids shouted.

"Let's take this discussion somewhere more private, shall we?"  Colbert brought both of his hands before him and suddenly he and the kids were no longer in the studio but on a boat in the middle of an ocean.

A look to the side revealed that they were a few miles out from the Statue of Liberty.

Before any of the kids could say or do anything, Colbert used his power to levitate one of the kids and throw him overboard.  He landed in the water with a hard splash but was able to come up quickly and tread water.

The others watched but did not take Colbert's bait to rescue their friend...until their friend began to scream out in pain.  The kids looked to Colbert quizzically.  He smirked and folded his arms across his chest.

"What's going on?"  One kid yelled.

Under the water, two small octopuses attached themselves to the leg of the boy and drilled themselves inside his leg, and then burst out.  The boy had screamed in agony as his leg was demolished from the knee down.

"Help him!"  Another kid screamed and the three teammates tried to bring him out of the water.

Before anything could be done, another octopus swam up from the depths in front of the injured boy.  This one was as big as the boy and it swallowed him whole.  The other kids watched in silent horror as their friend was devoured.

The octopus then tripled in size and went after the boat.  The kids screamed in terror.  Stephen Colbert could be heard laughing as he escaped, unharmed. 

Friday, June 7, 2013

What Else Have I Misjudged?

Friends come and go, it's just a fact of life. Some come, make a lasting mark for better or worse, and then leave never to be seen again; others come, make a difference, and stay. I have always strived to be a good friend to all who come into my life, it is of immense importance to me to always be the best friend I can, I'm not perfect but I try hard to be there for my friends.  Some people make it really hard, though.

I have relearned a valuable lesson over the last few months. This is a lesson I learned nearly fifteen years ago and I guess I didn't hold onto that knowledge; that, or I'm just a sucker for punishment.  People will use you, people will abuse you if you let them.  Human beings are masters at trickery, they will pretend to be a good friend only to get what they want and then leave you with a broken heart and jaded soul.

I know I sound very angry and heartbroken, but it's not that bad.  I expected all these things that have happened to happen, it was no surprise, it just seems so sad that people I care so much about don't care in return.  I've been sick and because of my health issues I have had to back off from the normal fun that I used to enjoy with my friends.  Also, certain factors have made my husband and myself need to back off from hosting so many of our friend gatherings, causing more of a distancing.  There are other things that have contributed but I do not wish to voice them here in public.

This was all made worse when a friend in the group was brutally, verbally, ganged up on and attacked in public by other friends in the group.  No one here is totally innocent; but to gang up on, bully, and publicly embarrass and crush someone, especially someone who is already down, is completely unacceptable and down right despicable. 

I know this is kind of hard to follow since I am not giving many details but the point is that I have made a huge misjudgemnet, people I thought were more or less good, have proven to be the lowest of low.

I have no intention of writing anyone off;  in my book once you are a friend you always will be a friend of mine.  But because of what has been happening over the last few months I don't think I can be the same friend I always strove to be.

No loss to them though, I guess, they never thought much of me to begin with.