Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Sun-Maid Makes My Gypsy Blood Boil

We moved into a new house a month ago.  If I never get to build my dream home I will still be happy because I now live in this house.  It is roomy, it has tile floors throughout with carpet only in two of the bedrooms, a gas range, lots of counter space, and it has a walk-in pantry!

We had to move out of our old house because our land lord (Sun-Maid) asked us to.  They were making the property we lived on a waste water area and wanted to use the house we were in to house their property caretaker.  Not to mention the area was going to become very stinky very soon.

I was happy to be asked to move out because we had lived there for several years and my gypsy blood was beginning to get antsy.  I've never lived in one place for more than 8 years, usually only 5.  I was also happy to be moving because I harbor not so fond feelings for Sun-Maid, they had laid me off from my job when I needed it most (and liked it), so every morning I would wake up and be reminded of the way they had simply tossed me aside. I was ready to move on.

We checked out three houses before finding this perfect gem.  The first house was so very tiny. Tiny living room, tiny kitchen, tiny dining room, and very tiny bedrooms and bathrooms.  The second house had a gorgeous living room, kitchen, and back yard, but again with the tiny bedrooms!  No bigger than closets!  What's with that? Why are all the newer homes (1990 on) built with such tiny bedrooms?  The third house was OK in size but not quite big enough for us. We decided it would be our option 2 if we couldn't find a better place.

The moment I walked through the front door of this house I began to drool.  The first thing I noticed was the all tile floors.  You see, I hate carpet with a passion.  It is so unsanitary, no matter how often you vacuum or spot treat, no matter what strict rules you keep about shoes and food in the carpeted rooms, it holds so much disgusting grime and bacteria.  Bleh, I hate carpet!  The second thing I noticed was the spaciousness, it is so open.  The windows were next, lots of them; I love sunlight.  The rooms are nice and roomy, the bathrooms as well, all the rooms are big and open!  The front and back yards arre big (corner lot).  I am in love. Oh, did I mention the walk-in pantry!  I'm a cook, not professional, just a lover of cooking, and this huge pantry makes me moist.  Oh, and our landlord lives four hours away so we don't have to deal with him much.  Not like Sun-Maid who was just a block down the street.  Gah!

We have been living here for a month now and I am still in love and would probably be content to stay here forever. Take that, gypsy roots! We have had some minor problems with the house like black ants which I destroyed very quickly, and a leaky washing machine faucet that we changed out right away. Nothing that couldn't be fixed quickly and easily.

The neighborhood is mostly quiet and smells of spring blooms, light and sweet.  We lived in the country before, surrounded by grape vineyards, so we had been worried about moving back into the city, mostly about noise and crime.  There are at least three police officers living on our street so no worries.

Did I mention I love my new house? :D

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