Sunday, July 14, 2013

Post Apocalyptic Dreams Are the Best!

I had a very lucid and vivid dream last night, here's how it went down.

In a post apocalyptic  world, the few humans still alive find themselves in constant battle with both zombies and an alien race.  Many humans live in small communities behind fortified walls, hidden from their enemies.  In one such town, the only people to venture beyond the walls are well trained in combat.  One of these groups has just headed out on a mission to find food and other much needed supplies.

The group of five- two women and three men- head for a city they have not searched before.  The city is over twenty miles from camp and it will be a dangerous and long trip to get there, but there is no where else to look, all the usual closer places are all tapped out. 

The group surprisingly encounters very little trouble on the way to the new city, a few zombies - easily taken down-  and no aliens.  When they arrive at the city it is obvious that it has been nearly completely decimated, only a handful of buildings are left standing, and even they are in bad shape.  The group heads in and gets to work searching the rubble for useful supplies.

While searching, they encounter many zombies and take them all down without much trouble.  The group finds a good stash of canned foods; fruit, mixed vegetables, chili, and refried beans.  They also find a nurses station at a high school that still has some basic first aid supplies that haven't been raided.

On their way out, they encounter a lone alien.  It is a huge one, extremely strong, agile, and carrying a gun and sword.  The group has some trouble taking down the alien, they put up a long, exhausting fight and are finally able to kill the monster.  They sustain minor injuries and lose a member of the group, one of the women.

The survivors head back to their vehicle but the loud fight has attracted more zombies and they have to hurry away or else waste more time fighting and risk attracting even more enemies.  The one woman left in the group stumbles across a litter of puppies.  The first thing she thinks is that they could make a hearty meal, but then she notices they are starving and weak.  Their mother must have been killed or taken some time ago.  She gathers up the four puppies and quickly heeds her team mates calls to get her butt in the car.

On the way back to camp the woman examines the puppies more closely and deduces that they must be husky mixes.  They will need to be nursed back to health and raised to adult hood before they can be eaten.  One of the puppies dies before they make it back to camp.

The woman spends some time raising the surviving three puppies and ends up falling in love with them.  Instead of turning them into meals, she trains them to be warrior dogs and takes them on missions where they prove to be invaluable fighters and search dogs (they can sniff out food and munitions).  She gives one of the puppies to a young woman in camp who shows potential for becoming a battler, and she gives a puppy to one of her teammates, the husband of the woman they lost the day they found the puppies.  She keeps one pup for herself.

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