Friday, March 7, 2014

I'm Naked!

They say it is a common thing for a person to experience the occasional naked at work/school dream.  When one is experiencing stress, anxiety, or insecurity, they tend to manifest these feelings into dreams in which they are put in embarrassing or compromising situations.  I've got plenty of stress, anxiety, and insecurities in my life, so it is no surprise that I have finally experienced a naked at work dream.

Let me give you a bit of back story so you can understand how this dream gets started.  I recently had eye surgery, invasive enough that I had to be put on medical leave from work.  There, now you can understand the dream's beginning.

I am at the eye doctor getting my weekly post-op check-up, everything is good so I ask the doctor if I can return to work soon.  "Sure!  You can go back right now if you want."

I get a release to work note from the doctor and head over to my work thinking I'll turn in the note and they will put me back on the schedule to work in a few days.  Of course, because this is a dream, they put me to work immediately.

"Well, uh, OK, but I'm not dressed for it."  I say as I look down at myself.  It is now that I realize I am totally naked, not a thread on my body.

I am sent right to work.  My boss and co-workers and customers don't seem to notice or care that I am naked.  I, on the other hand, am freaking out.  Not that I am naked, but that I am not wearing the proper colors or attire to be at work!  And I don't have a name tag!

Some time passes and I am becoming more stressed about being out of dress code, so I take my break and it is then that I remember I have clothes in my locker (not in real life, but yay for semi-lucid dreaming).

In my locker I find old worn out and dirty clothes that also all happen to be miss-matched colors and styles.  I think to myself "I can't wear these!  They don't follow the dress code either!"  So I throw them back in my locker save for the panties, socks, and shoes, because they are the only things that follow company dress code.

So, now I am at work doing my job wearing nothing but blue underwear, black socks, and black shoes. 

I feel a little better.

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