Sunday, March 2, 2014

Hail, Canidae, Full of Grace

So, yeah, this dream happened...

My husband and I decided to go over to his brother's house to hang out or something.  When we arrived the house was full of people; Mama, Mona, Mark, Jacob, Joseph, Bri, and Tony.  The group of adults were having a heated discussion about something trivial, while the two young boys chased the dog, Canidae, around the house, having a fun time of it.

Out of nowhere comes this massive gust of wind so strong it shatters the windows and throws open the front door.  The force of the wind blows everything from one side of the house to the other and knocks everyone to the floor.

We all get up and look around, perplexed and shocked at what just happened. Mona and Mama scream for Jacob and Joseph who are nowhere to be seen.  The two boys come from the kitchen laughing as if they had just gotten off a fun roller-coaster ride.

It is at this point when we all notice the ghastly scene on one of the walls.  Mona and Mama immediately fall to their knees and make the sign of the cross as they stare in horror at Canidae's corps nailed to the wall with shards of window the perfect pose of crucifixion. 

Mona finally speaks.  "You see!  It's  a sign from God..."   I wake up before she finishes her sentence. 

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