Saturday, June 21, 2014


I do not claim a political party or affiliation.  This is because I do not agree with enough views or think closely enough along the lines of any one party to comfortably say I "belong" anywhere.  I suppose I refuse to be labeled!

On Facebook I have a handful of friends who seem to do nothing other than post political arguments, beliefs, articles, etc. while I rarely do such things because I just don't care for the political scene.  For those who are curious, here is a rundown of my stance on current issues.  Keep in mind, I am an open minded individual who likes to think and study and therefore I reserve the right to change my own damned mind if I come across compelling evidence to the contrary of my current stance.

I believe I am more liberal than conservative.

I believe in:

-The right to choose
-gay marriage
-legal marijuana

I believe:

You should be in the country legally and be able to furnish legal proof of this in order to:

-Obtain a driver license
-Get a job

You should be a U.S. citizen before being able to:

-Receive any government aid

I believe we need reform on all levels in:


I believe:

-Religion should keep its nose out of government
-Government should keep its nose out of religion

I believe:

- we have some very deep seeded and widespread corruption as well as ignorance in our government that needs to be weeded out and destroyed.  I am intelligent enough to know that I am not equipped to solve this particular problem. In other words, this country is screwed up and needs to be fixed. I constantly see a million points of view and a million suggestions and demands, but no action.

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