Tuesday, October 7, 2014

5 Things

Thanks for the idea, Manny.  :D

Five things I wish people had told me when I was first diagnosed with diabetes.

Some of these... maybe they did, but I just didn't listen.

1. "You will feel like a failure, but you aren't.".  Diabetes is very difficult to control,  You will have difficulty getting your BG under control and you will feel out of control, and maybe, sometimes, you will be out of control. It's OK, bad things happen.  Life happens. Don't give up!

2.  "Diabetes doesn't just effect our bodies; it effects our minds and emotions as well.".  The emotional and psychological effects of diabetes are just as devastating as the physical.  Go ahead and cry.  Go ahead and scream and yell.  Give this disease a good cussing out!  Don't bury and deny the hurt and frustration.  We all experience it, we all go through it and deal with it.  We know how bad it is, we feel it, too.  You are not alone!

3. "It is life-long.  There is no getting out of it.  Settle in for the long-haul.".  Diabetes is forever.  It is a moment-to-moment struggle.  There is no breaks, no vacations, no room to breathe.  It's all day, every day, 24/7/365.  Get it?

4. "Ignore the advertisers and the pushers."  There is no cure.  There is nothing more effective than balancing diet, exercise, and medication.  Keep your A1c in line, just like the doctor tells you.  Yes, there are things that can make life a little easier, help keep things in line.  But, THERE IS NO CURE.

5. "You are still human.".  Diabetes can make us feel like aliens sometimes, and even worse, it can make us feel sub-human.  You are still human, you can still do everything any other human being can do...except make your own insulin!  You still have all your worth and value! Take the ignorance and bad actions of others and use them to make you stronger.  Don't let them grind you down.

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