Saturday, January 3, 2015

Little Red Swift

I had a dream last night:

I was at work (I don't really have a job, but in this dream I apparently work at CVS Pharmacy) and just getting off shift.  I walk out to my car, get in and start heading home. (I don't drive in reality because I lost my driver license due to vision issues but in this dream apparently I have no problems). I am driving my old Suzuki Swift (a car that in reality I got rid of years ago, but still think about often because it was my first car and a very good little car).

I get barely a block and then decide to walk.  I start walking and thinking about everything there possibly is to think about:

- My husband
- My fitness level
- My health
- Why do so many marriages end in divorce?
- pets
- work
- family

After a while I begin to feel my legs hurting like they always do when I try to walk more than a block.  I think to myself that I just need to get home.  I keep walking...

"Wait, why am I walking?  Where is my car? Why am I not driving?"  I look up and around.  I am walking down Goldenstate (the Old 99 as we call it in these here parts).  A man holding a big water jug and standing next to an old blue pick-up is staring at me with a worried and perplexed look on his face.

What's he staring at?  I keep walking.

After a bit a police car pulls up next to me and the officer gets out.  "Hey, just come sit right here. Where are you going?  Let me see your ID."  He says to me as he takes me gently by the upper arm.

Apparently I say stuff to him but I don't know what I said. And I get my ID out of my purse.

The officer looks at my ID and asks me again where I am going. I tell him I am just walking home from work.

"But you are headed in the opposite direction of your home.  You're headed to Selma, you live in Kingsburg."

 I apparently was thinking I was still living at my old house in Selma.  I say things to the officer again, but don't know what I said.

"I think you were the driver of that red Swift.  You obviously were injured..." He waves a hand indicating my body.

I look down and  see that my clothes are drenched in blood.

"You have a head injury, an ambulance is coming, sit tight." He says. "How did you walk unnoticed away from the crash and how did you get so far before someone called us?" He kind of mutters to himself.

Suddenly a memory of my little red Swift flashes across my mind.  My poor car in the middle of the road all crumpled up.

I wake up just as the ambulance is pulling up.

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