Monday, November 10, 2014

Something's Not Right Here

As is the norm for diabetics, I had a doctor appointment this morning.  This appointment was to go over my most recent lab results.

I was pleased to see that my weight matched that of my home scale.  So I now have confirmation that I truly have lost 9 pounds in just one week.  Also, my blood pressure is very good, 121/77.

Once the doctor came in he had to walk right out again and track down my labs since they had not yet been entered into the system.

Finally he went over them with me.  Everything is wonderful except one glaring number.  My kidneys, liver, vitamins and minerals, etc... everything is wonderful.  I was very relieved to hear my kidneys are quite healthy because a year ago they showed some damage.

So, the one glaring number.  Yeah, that's the most important number of all and it's the only bad one.  My A1c a year ago was 9.8.  Now, after a year of working hard at it; eating healthy, exercising as much as I can considering my health issues, checking my blood regularly and adjusting food and meds accordingly.  All this hard work and my A1c is still 9.8!


The best I can guess is that I went from chronically high BG's to such a roller-coaster that it made no real difference?

I'm not too upset about it now, though, because I have been following Dr. Bernstein's Diabetes Solution for over a week now and it has already made a significant improvement in my BGs and overall health.  I'm sticking with it and when I check my A1c again in 3 or four months it will be so much lower!

And then I walked home...

The walk was much easier than previous walks.  I experienced much less pain, was able to walk faster, and only had to stop twice to rest my screaming, neuropathic legs.  Another positive thing about this walk that tells me my health is improving is that I was able to move my hips and walk properly.  I haven't been able to walk properly in so long because of the painful neuropathy in my legs and feet that made me have to walk funny and slow and in turn caused my hips to somewhat "lock up".

I walked 2.5 miles in one hour and didn't want to cry at all!

I am getting healthier, I see it, I feel it, and I'm not going to stop working at it.

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