Thursday, July 17, 2014

Tunnels of Love

Well, I managed to have one really vivid dream before waking up at 3 A.M. and not being able to fall back to sleep.

Post apocalypse, of course, because it's awesome.  The dream did not specify if it was from war or nature, but the world is in ruins and all life is endangered and must either adapt or die off.  Humans are no exception, the worlds population has dwindled and someone, somehow has managed to get a message around the globe urging all survivors to make their way to a city in California.  Nobody knows who sent this message, and the rumor is that North America has the worst and most deadly air, water, and resources.  So why go there?  Most people opt to go, however, because there is no other hope, no other option.

Groups of people arrive from all directions.  They are met by border guards wearing protective suits.  These guards tell the people that the rumors are true about North America being the most deadly of places on earth...on the surface.  But tunnels have been dug below and if the people want to survive and be apart of the new human race, they must take the tunnels to the Promised Land.

By the thousands, people began their trek through the tunnels.  these were not the kind of tunnels the people had envisioned.  These dark, dank crawl spaces were barely two feet tall but vast in wideness.  The humans had to lie on their stomachs and crawl on elbows in order to maneuver the suffocating space.

It did not take long for them to realize that this was not a short trip.  Days and then weeks passed of endless tight, cramped, and wet crawling.  There was an occasional cave-in that would kill a few travelers and slow down the progress of others.  Some panicked from the ever claustrophobic environment, screaming and begging for rescue from the darkness and endless crawling.  All were starving, all were slowly suffocating.  None could see a thing.  They crawled on, never knowing if they had been tricked into death or if the world would soon open up again.

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