Monday, July 28, 2014

And Here's The News I've Dreaded

 *As usual, the following is written from my memory of the events.  Some things may be inaccurate due to faulty memories.  In any case, this is how I remember it:

Had another post-op appointment to follow up on my third eye surgery.  I knew it was bad news by the look on the doctor's face after he examined me.  He looked so heartbroken, as if it was he who was being told he'll never see again.

OK, well, it wasn't THAT bad...

As usual, when he first walked in and we had our greetings, he asked if my vision had improved since two weeks ago.  I told him it hadn't, that it was like trying to look through frosted glass, just all gray.  He examined my eye both with the biomicrocope and then with the hand held bio tools.  He informed me that I still have some gas as well as some blood in my eye, but they both are clearing up well.

Next he did an ultrasound on my eye and spent some time at this procedure which is what gave me the first inkling that something was wrong.  Usually when he does the ultrasound it only takes a couple minutes and he says things like, "Looks good", etc. and "all is good".  Today he was at it for several minutes, and very quiet.

"OK, let's go back to the other room and we'll talk."  He said.  That's when my heart sped up.  That kind of thing is what you hear when bad news is coming.

Back in the exam room he informed me that my retina is still detaching itself in the same area we've been trying to fix all this time.  "I'm sorry we couldn't get it to stay, it was a 50/50 chance with this last surgery and, well..."  He informed me that I have very little blood flow in my right eye and that makes for a very bad scenario for my poor retina.

"We can try another surgery but I highly suggest waiting for your eye to completely heal first.  You still have the hyphema, gas bubble, and the cataract is becoming more dense, these all interfere with your vision.  You need time to heal."

I agreed with him.

And then I walked home.

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