Friday, September 19, 2014

I'm Writing a Trilogy

I'm just about done writing the first book of a trilogy.  Yup, I'm writing a trilogy.  I know I am nowhere near good enough to write a publishable novel.  I just had an idea and felt like writing, so I wrote and then kept writing.  It grew and expanded and before I knew it I had the entire story in my head and just needed to write it down.

What is it about?  Oh, don't you wish you knew.  I will tell you it is a fantasy adventure.  It involves war, magic, mystical beings, love, hate, and finding oneself...inside and out.

I wrote until I couldn't write anymore.  Then I knew it was time to trust others with my work and get some outside feedback.  Well, that blew up in my face.  Three of the four people I asked to read my work and give me feedback totally let me down.  A year later and I haven't heard a peep from them.  That sure makes me feel like my work is interesting and even remotely good....

So, I'm still working on cleaning up the first book.  But I got writer's itch and just had to get started on book two.  And boy is it good!  I am so excited.  Book one is merely the set up, you know, getting to know the main characters and setting up the world and where all the players sit.  Book two is when the action begins, and when the questions from book one begin to get answered and new questions get asked.

I've always had a love for writing.  Just the idea of being able to create lives out of my own mind.  To create a person with a well rounded personality in a world also of my creation.  To run lives, to be able to make them do my bidding, let them take on their own life yet still have it be of my own imagination.  To delve deep within myself and then sit back a see what I made, the world I created, the lives I spawned, and the lives I snuffed out in so many creative and morbid and twisted and painful ways.


OK, OK, I can be very twisted and gory, but really I don't write like that...most of the time.

I wrote my first story when I was ten years old.  Back then I couldn't spell to save my life, but I had imagination and I chose to use it with pen and paper.  It was a western, I loved westerns back then.  That was my love, as well as vampires.  But I chose my first story to be a western.  I never let anyone read it.  Maybe one day I'll rewrite it and make all the improvements it needs.

Like I said, I know I need a lot of lessons and improvements on my writing in order to even begin to dream about becoming a successful writer.  But I'm really not in it for the fame and fortune.  I'm in it because I love it and I get so much satisfaction just from the act of writing itself.

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