Monday, September 22, 2014

Well, Now That Was Embarrassing

I woke up this morning and my blood-sugar was fine.  127, a good number.  I ate a quick breakfast and headed out the door to my eye appointment.  I hitched a ride to the doctor with my husband.  He dropped me off on his way to work.  I arrived early, that was fine, I checked in and sat in one of the comfortable chairs in the waiting room.

It didn't take long to be called in to the pre-exam.  I confirmed the medications I'm taking, did the vision test, got my eye pressure taken and then went over to the smaller waiting room to wait for the actual exam. 

That's the last thing I remember.

Well, not exactly.  I vaguely remember talking with other patients in the waiting room.  But it's all like a foggy dream.

When my memory returns is when my doctor was calling to a nurse to "Get her vitals.  Check her sugar."

"I'm OK."  I said as I popped a glucose tablet into my mouth.  But I wasn't. 

My blood-sugar read at 35.

Apparently I was not responding to the doctor's questions and just not acting myself.  He knows me well enough to tell if I'm not right, I've been seeing him nearly weekly for over six months. 

The doctor had the nurse check my blood-sugar several times while he went and saw other patients.  He wouldn't let the nurse leave my room until my BG was 70 and trending up.  Then he went ahead with the eye exam. 

I felt so odd with all the seriousness and worry.  I guess I'm just so used to low BG's that I'm like, "What's the big deal, just feed me and let's move on."

On top of everything, the location where the nurse pricked my finger wouldn't stop bleeding...a lot.  I'm on Plavix (blood-thinner) so I have to be careful how deep I prick myself or else I bleed forever! 

The exam was good.  My eye is healing up well from my latest surgery which was a lens replacement for a cataract as well as to clean out a hyphema (collection of blood) in the front of my eye, and  a couple other small issues with my eye.

We discussed my issue with low blood-sugars which was odd to discuss with my Ophthalmologist.  He is an MD but endocrinology is not his specialty.  But he is a doctor in the end and has the mindset of wanting to help and solve medical problems.

I apologized for worrying everyone and wasting their time.  They were all understanding and told me it was OK and they just want to make sure I'm OK.

I return in a month for another follow-up on my eye. 

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